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Tempe Union High School Education Foundation (TUHSEF)

HOPE Classroom Jackpot Award Grant Application


After submission, your organization will receive a response within 45 days. Funding decisions are based on the quality of the applicant programs and alignment with Cox’s areas of focus. Additional considerations include the scope of each program, overall impact on the community and current availability of Cox’s support resources. Preference may also be given to programs that provide a unique service, not being duplicated in the area.
Cox Arizona does not typically support the following:

  • Organizations located outside our areas of service
  • Requests benefitting only one individual person
  • Youth sports teams or individual school-based organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate
  • Endowment funds or foundations
  • Religious or political organizations

We know that the leaders of tomorrow and our future employees are being created by the educational environment today. We support education programs through corporate contributions that:


  • Increase the quality of math and science education provided to students in grades K-12 through development of Highly Qualified Teachers and supporting “train the trainer” programs for educators
  • Prepare teachers to better equip students for higher education by encouraging student success in physical science, engineering or environmental science through enrichment activities and access to technology
  • Develop job-readiness and employment skills for high school students
  • Help educators implement programs that highlight the wise use of water and electricity as important resources